in the Initial Coin Offering BETHERCHIP.

A network of smart contracts focused casinos that will make the market much more secure, transparent and consistent. Make your donation

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During our ICO phase we are accepting donations to develop the project until its final phase. For this, we developed a system of rewards for a certain value that people give as a form of thanks and recognition. These people will have BTH in advance, thus being able to participate in the appreciation of the currency and the whole project.

BETHERCHIP, for the casinos a response, a solution. For the users, much more security and transparency, boosting the service of casinos, generating confidence and promoting the growth and the dissemination of the practice of the games.
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Our proposal is to adapt an entire market to the new era of cryptocurrencies. The casino market. This adaptation is fundamental for the continuation of growth and an exponential unfolding of possibilities.

Casino tokens:

Each casino can have its own cryptocurrency, its own token. From this, it is possible to provide a high level of security and much more possibilities for the market.

Systems and APIs:

Adapting the casinos with APIs that connect machines, games and systems all in one place, generating transparency and efficiency.


More and more casino reliability will expand territories for this billion dollar market, bringing more people to a currently taboo market.
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The freedom provided by cryptocurrencies and the security provided by blockchain technology has already revolutionized the way society relates to data and security, and in an exponential way is getting into the most basic routines of people, such as small purchases and even sharing of files with more security.

This document aims to clearly present the BETHERCHIP proposal, in addition to detailing the projects BETHERSCAN and BETHERGATE.

Our Roadmap

Follow the project development strategy, the main dates for launches and the entire ICO trajectory until its official launch.
  • 2019

  • JUNE 10th
  • JUNE 20th
  • JULY 10th
  • JULY 20th
  • JULY 20th
  • AUGUST 10th
    1st ROUND $0.10
  • SEPTEMBER 10th
    2nd ROUND $0.20
  • OCTOBER 10th
    3th ROUND $0.30
  • NOVEMBER 10th
    4th ROUND $0.40
  • DECEMBER 10th
    5th ROUND $0.50
  • 2020

  • JANUARY 10th
    6th ROUND $0.60
  • FEBRUARY 10th
  • MARCH 10th 2020
  • MAY 10th 2020
  • JUNE 10th
  • JULY 10th
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Smart Contracts BETHERCHIP

BETHERCHIP is a network of smart contracts capable of generating tokens aimed at the casino market. This means that casinos around the world can request their own cryptocurrency system, replacing their physical chips for a much smarter, safer and more transparent system, which can be purchased and administered via applications

The project goes much further, expanding into a system that presents transaction transparency, BETHERSCAN. In it, it is possible to monitor in real time all the transactions carried out, demonstrating in practice the high level of security of the system.

BETHERSCAN, security and transparency.

Utilizing its own very effective encryption and blockchain technology, BETHERCHIP will have its transactions 100% demonstrated in real time through BETHERSCAN, a complete and transparent report of everything that happens with the currency.
This technology comes to potentialize a market that has an exponential growth but is currently limited only by the lack of confidence of some countries in relation to fraud and financial scams. BETHERSCAN is the solution and opportunity to elevate the casino market to another level.
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BETHERGATE, a new era.

BETHERGATE is the API system that interconnects all machines, games and systems, making it possible to use tokens for betting. Casinos will have much more security, transparency and convenience in adapting to the new demands of the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchains and encryption.
Smart contracts will govern the world within a few years and adapting to this new era is no longer just an opportunity for innovation, but for survival. The individual has become increasingly independent and the cryptos will put the buying power and free market in the hands of the people again.


BETHERBOX is a system made to monetize your BTH. The user can deposit an amount destined for monetization within the BETHERBOX system and obtain up to 80% of earnings in the period of 1 year.
This system aims to reward users who keep their BTHs and not sell them. This attitude makes the BTH value, because as time passes the demand grows and, in the case of the users that maintains it in BETHERBOX, the offer of sale decreases, thus generating an appreciation of the currency.


Onward and upward, productize the deliverables and focus on the bottom line drop-dead date translating our vision of having a market leading platfrom drop-dead date.